What I can do with the GMC?

  1. Get the funds through GMC’s concession to the value of gold;
  2. Receive a gold coin of GMC (issued on request in the banking cell);
  3. Sell on the stock exchange (exit GMC coins on exchanges is expected within 1.5 months);
  4. Register at the club GMC and get extra coins. 10 percent of the company’s profits will be directed to the bonus coin holders (will be about 500 thousand dollars in the first season) that may increase your yield by 2-5 times, depending on the registered coins and the number of participants, and 30 percent on GMC buyouts and release coins for customers.

Bitcoin is growing faster than gold is not profitable

Bitcoin is growing faster than gold, but falls faster

  1. GMC for traders as an option to save investment at the time of the fall of bitcoin or altcoin (wait out the fall);
  2. GMC is the rise along with gold;
  3. With GMC, you get bonus coins, which levels out the speed of bitcoin growth. You do not lose money, and the number of coins increases in your wallet;
  4. GMC can’t fall in price. At the same time, you can give us coins at full cost.

Why do I need a coin?

  1. The coin grows with gold. GMC gold coins of the highest fineness, weighing from 1 to 5 ounce  with a unique QR code;
  2. For each coin you get dividends;
  3.  Numismatics — the world’s first coin with protection on the blockchain.

Who protects my investments?

Company escrow. We conduct financial transactions on crypto-currencies through a third company that has a license for banking activities, which will sign the investment agreement. It gives you legal and economic protection of the interests.

You write about the GMC club, why is it needed?

In order for us to fulfill the requirements of KYC. We need to know to whom to give out dividends (the information is closed). Become a member of the GMC club and get full information.

Where is the blockchain?

  1. Members of the GMC club (those participants who have registered at least 1000 GMC) have the right to influence the work of the business by voting in smart contracts;
  2. Data on each issued gold coin (when produced, to whom it was issued, what actions were taken on it) are on the blockchain. It does not give them to counterfeit, and makes each coin unique.

How do you prove that you will buy equipment and gold will be produced?

Club members receive non-public information about the balance sheet, the amount of mined gold, the dates of redemption and other insider data. The rest of the participants see only the online broadcast from the mine and the company’s news.

Are you already operating and mining gold company?

Yes. The company is open and running since 2010. Information about the company, — https://egrinf.com/3709440. Gold is produced, but in small quantities, is associated with a lack of heavy equipment.

Do you have licenses for plot of land and mining on it? Prove that there is gold in it!

The license and geological exploration results issued by government agencies, can be viewed in the gallery of our website

Prove that you have 13 tons of gold.

Gold is much more than 13 tons. At this stage of the project it is allocated exactly the amount of gold. Supporting documents on the website in the gallery, see П1 and П2 in the documents.

Have you invested your money?

Since 2013, about 2.5 million dollars have been invested. The money was sent: to purchase a plot of land with gold reserves, to carry out a road, explosions at a deposites, to purchase ore-processing equipment, and so on.

At the moment, it is necessary to purchase heavy equipment (trucks, bulldozers) for $ 3 million.

Why don’t you go to the bank?

Unfortunately, neither the bank nor the standard investments suit us. The bank requires a large collateral, which we can’t provide. Venture capital investors require a share of the company that is not favorable to us. As for $ 3 million to give a share in a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars is pretty silly.

Show me how you mine gold, can I see it?

Yes. Video of explosions for removal of the top part of ore, — https://youtu.be/7dYEPHEhHB4

Videos for further processing, — https://youtu.be/PEG3GrYBuo8

Also, on site of mining there will be cameras for online broadcasting, or you can come to us and try to work as a gold miner.

If you are interested, you can see the photos in the gallery on our website

Where is your gold mining situated?

Gold ore extraction is located in the Magadan Region of the Russian Federation near the city of Susuman

What kind of your gold?

Gold ore. The gold content is 5 grams per ton of ore

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