GMC — Cryptocurrency is provided by gold mining.

We create a safe and stable crypto-currency secured by gold deposits in the Magadan Region of the Russian Federation, which will help you to save your funds at the time of the crisis, or to earn money by creating new gold deposits.

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Profit graph GMC
Graph of the growth of the price of gold over the past 10 years

About GMC project

about gmc

The main guarant is the operating from 2010 business with 13 tons of gold, of which 7,2 tons of gold in easily mined areas, 3,410 hectares (8400 acres) of land and machinery

about gmc

The bonus program for GMC members is 10 percent of the company's profits to the participants of the bonus program.The possibility of exchanging GMC tokens for real gold coins weighing from 1 to 5 ounces

about gmc

Buy-back gmc tokens at the price of gold!

about gmc

This is an option of obtaining a gold object (coin) weighing from 1 to 5 ounces. Each coin is protected by the code qr, which is in a block chain. Either for cash in accordance with the market value of gold,
assigning coins to the escrow company.

about gmc

Security from the fall of the value of the course of the Crypto-currency - due to the receipt of funds at the rate of gold by the escrow company - by way of assignment of the right to receive a coin

about gmc

Already invested 2.5 million dollars
(Acquisition of the site, explosions at the site, clearance of the site, road construction, construction of the headquarters, installation and commissioning of ore processing equipment, etc.)

about gmc

Stable growth of the GMC with the gold rate.
Over the past 15 years, gold increased in price by 298.83%

About GMC club

Members of the club are customers and the GMC holders in an amount not less than 1000 GMC. Club members receive full information: on the dates of redemption, receive legal protection, own information about the gold mining and gold mining companies of the company’s escrow customers. Club members increase the number of their GMCs, as gold mining companies under the investment agreement transfer of 10 percent of revenues for loyalty program members. The club members can make decisions on the purchase of land deposits, deposits, gold mining and processing companies, emissions – through voting through smart contracts.
Blockchain data members and operations can be stored in the blockchain technology Easy Token stored on the fundamentals of the blockchain and smart contracts, KYC data, and the number of GMC member.
Club members do not need to have their own cryptocurrency wallet, your funds can be stored in the blockchain is defined in the smart contract. Thus, you can enter Fiat money in your account, automatically adding to the number of GMC in dollars or the currency preferable for you, or sell your GMC to the club, withdrawing funds to a bank account. Members can also order the release of a gold GMC with transfer to a Bank account.

The economy of the company and the security


According to the investment contract the company Golden Horizon is committed to all cryptocurrency transactions through escrow company .

Golden Horizon agrees to provide production data, accounting balance, profit and loss statement to the management company. The Golden Horizon company agrees to transfer 30 percent of the net profit for the production of gold GMCs or the program of assignment (buyback), 10 percent of the net profit to the members of the GMC club for the loyalty program, 5 percent for the holding crypto-currency operations and managing the GMC club, 30 percent of the net profit guide to business development (purchase of new plots of land, discovery of deposits), 25 percent of the net profit remains in the company’s initial investors and owners of the company
Thanks to the management company all operations on the issue of cryptocurrencies, the assignment of cryptocurrencies, the protection of the owners of cryptocurrencies, the issue of the GMC coin, absolutely safe, as their interests are protected by the escrow company.
The company is responsible for issuing gold GMC coins, implementing a loyalty program, makes decisions on additional clients of the crypto program.
In case of default by the company Golden Horizon of the terms of the investment deal, the escrow company protects the interests of owners GMC tokens legally and economically.

Allocation of profit the Golden Horizon

gmc distribution

Road Map

Create gold mining the company organizational work

1.5 milliom dollars own funds the Purchase Deposit area of 1400 hectares with 13 tons gold license extraction

1 million dollars own funds the Purchase Deposit Created the rod. Purchased part of the equipment. Conducted geological exploration.Base range

Closed Pre Sale (start 01.11.17 )

Pre-ICO (start 15.01.18)
ICO (start 15.02.18)
3 - 4 million Purchase of equipment for a new mine, organization GMC club

Begining gold mining.

Start Buy-back gmc tokens or exchanging GMC tokens for real gold coins weighing from 1 to 5 ounces.

The opening of the new mines.
Distribution of tokens.

Distribution of tokens

gmc profit

The changein the value of the token

The initial price of the token is 0,0100 ETH ИЛИ 0,00060 BTC ИЛИ $4

Pre-SaleDiscount of 60%


Discount from 60% to 40%,
decrease by 5% every 5 days


Discount from 40% to 20%, decrease by 5% every 5 days


When entering exchange may reduce to 0,8 full the cost of the token. The ransom in any casewill occur on the total cost


Bonuses during the year from 10% to 80% for club members

Select the number


When you purchased

  • Pre-Sale
  • Pre-ICO
  • ICO

When you sold

Gold price after year
  • Income in a year (for members of the GMC club)
  • Bayback
Sold GMC
  • Course information for 08.11.17
  • The initial price of the token is 0.0100 ETH или 0,00060 BTC или 4 usd
  • On the Closed Presale the token is sold at a discount of 60 percent
  • On the PreICO the token is sold at a discount of 60 to 40 percent, on the first day the discount is 80 percent, in 5 days the discount is reduced by 5 percent, after 5 days the discount is reduced by another 5 percent
  • The ICO token is sold at a discount of 40 -20 percent, the discount decreases every 5 days to 20 percent.
  • When entering the exchange, it is possible to drop to 0.8 from the initial cost.
  • Redemption of the token by assignment of rights is carried out at a ratio of 10 to 1 to the valuegram of gold
  • Annual planned growth is expected at a rate of 30 percent to the cost only due to the rising cost of gold and the bonus program of the club
  • Annual growth in the number of tokens of loyalty for members GMC club is planned from 10 to 80 percent annually



Zelimkhan Daurbekov


6 years of senior management experience in construction and resource business. Realization of large facilities for CG "ROSTEC"


Askhab Kostoyev

Head of gold mining­

Gold mining is a family business since 1970. Experience leading companies in production and export of resources for over 8 years


Alexey Pechkin


Experience in the development of IT projects for over 8 years, the number of national awards in the field of development and applied science.­


Nosal Arkady Viliamovich

Head of the Golden Horizon LLC

Work experience in the mining industry for more than 30 years. Since 1995 he worked as a director of LLC Luck, then as director of LLC NC Fortuna


Nosal Aleksand

Mountain electric mechanic.

Specialty is the mountain electro mechanic. Work experience by profession more than 30 years. He worked as a chief mechanic in the 2 quarries of the Frunze mine, then at the mining enterprises, as well as as a mechanic at Polymetal. Currently, the el mechanic in LLC Golden Horizon


Prokopenko Pavel


Work in the industry for over 35 years in the North Even area of the Magadan region.Participated in the discovery of the Kubaka deposit and smaller deposits.


Leonid Polikarpov

Community Manager

Experience in working with large and medium-sized businesses and heads of Russian companies. He has been practicing a program of financial modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and financial business strategy in Missouri, USA



Sharafetdinov Ahmet Azimovich

Former Deputy Prefect of the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow
now the deputy administrative director of CG "ROSTEC"


Oleg Figovsky

Founder and R & D the Polymate Ltd. - International Research Center for Nanotechnologies. Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Head of the UNESCO Chair "Green Chemistry". For his inventions in the field of nanotechnology, he received gold and silver medals in IENA-98 and the Gold Angel award at the Genius 2006 exhibition.


Lobov Alexander Viktorovich

The head of the "Administration of the Susuman District"

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